Looking for an adventure to witness the wonders of an underwater paradise? Or if you are seeking new challenges in the vast ocean, we have a dive trip for you! Our passionate and dedicated crew will be by your side to ensure that your trip with Gill Divers will be an enriching and fulfilling one, leaving you wanting for more!

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$899 5D4N Bali Open Water Course

Have a curated dive-holiday and complete the Open Water diving course in Indonesia, Bali - Island of Gods. Have a sea-view classroom, beach resort accomodation while you do your training dives in Kubu & Tulamben and see for yourself the world's famous USAT Liberty Wreck.

$549 4D3N Bali Fun-Dives

We've been dry for too long! You're just 3 hours away for a beach-resort getaway featuring dives to see Kubu wrecks, Liberty wrecks or just macro-photography fun!

$149 Try Scuba

Not sure about the full scuba certification yet? Come join us for a fun-sesison to see if scuba diving is for you! Done over 2-3 hours in a confine water/pool setting, our dive professional will bring you for some fun introduction!

Your Journey Underwater Starts Here

The Open Water Diver course is the most basic certification you can get as an independent recreational diver and it is recognized worldwide. You do not need to be extra fit to qualify, just in regular health.

Having your own equipment would help you enjoy your dive in numerous ways! You would feel more comfortable, confident and safer in the water… not to mention look better in all the pictures and videos.

We believe that diving should be as safe as possible and part of that involves having the right equipment for you. At Gill Divers, we offer a wide range of equipment from well-known brands like Poseidon, Scubapro, Mares, Seac, Suunto, Gull, Tusa, Aropec, Zeagle, Halcyon, Gul and many many more. Check out our store today!

Experience the best scuba diving in Singapore with Gill Divers. We went to over hundreds of dive destinations in Asia and certified thousands of divers in Singapore since 2003. You can be next!

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