Different species of marine life and corals,a five-star review to its diving destinations.

From Phuket, one can make a large range of choices to decide in making day trips to various beautiful dive sites around Thailand. In the list includes sites like Phi Phi Island, Shark Point, Racha Islands, The King Cruiser Wreck or even the West Coast with many more!

Similan Islands, or “The Nine Islands”, is located about 100km northwest of Phuket and is by far the most beautiful group of dive sites in Thailand. Being a national park, fishing is not allowed within the area and therefore fishes and other marine life thrive under the circumstances…

Diving in Thailand has blossomed into a world-class experience, giving you the sight your eyes would want to see on Earth. From different species of marine life and corals, tourists can definitely give a five-star review to its diving destinations. The colorful soft corals, sea fans, small caves and wide variety of fish and macro critters are some things to be expected in Thailand’s finest spots.

Get a chance to meet and observe a wide variety of marine life in the renown dive spot in the world. Some of the most awaited scenes are swimming turtles, manta rays, harmless reef sharks and multi colored tropical fishes. Included in the list are barracudas, lionfish, seahorse, stonefish and many others. Another drawbacks for divers who keep diving back to Thailand are many species of fish mollusk, sponge, worms, crustaceans, echinoderms with notable species like dolphins.

Additional Information:

Currency Thai Baht (THB)
Language Thai
Capital Bangkok
Electricity two-prong round plug
Government Constitutional Monarchy Under Military Junta
Timezone UTC+7
Calling Code +66
Network Providers AIS, dtac, truemove H, My, TOT
National Airline Thai Airways

Other Destinations in Thailand

Koh Tao is an island located near the eastern shore of the Gulf of Thailand. The economy of Koh Tao is almost exclusively centered around tourism, scuba diving in particular. The island was named Koh Tao (turtle island in Thai) for its turtle-like geographic shape…

Krabi Province is one of the most beautiful destinations located in the southern part of Thailand. It is packed with spectacular scenery and pristine beaches that provides a warm and friendly atmosphere to everyone on Krabi. Krabi town is very close to the river mouth…

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