Layang Layang is a beautiful oceanic atoll lying 300 km off the northwest coast of Sabah, Malaysia. The atoll consists of pristine coral reefs surrounded by deep waters. This brings about a good mix of pelagic visitors and fantastic visibility on the outside of the atoll, with reef life in the the central lagoon.

The small island in the centre of the atoll is man-made and there is only one resort. To get to Layang Layang, you will need to fly for about an hour from Kota Kinabalu in Sabah.

You will find that divers make the pilgrimage to Layang Layang during the scalloped hammerhead mating season to catch the schools of hammerheads that grace the waters. White tip reef sharks, grey reef sharks and large shoals of fish are commonly spotted at Layang Layang. And some lucky divers get the chance to interact with the playful dolphins that visit, mantas, eagle rays and even the occasional whaleshark.

6D5N (1N in KK) Dive Trip

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Layang Layang 6D5N (1N in KK) Itinerary

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Hammerhead Peak is from March to May.

Diving is possible from March to August only
as the resort closes from September to February.

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