Otherwise known as gas recyclers, rebreathers offer you numerous benefits as compared to open circuit diving. For example, being able to get closer to marine life through bubble-less and silent diving, not to mention longer no-decompression limits due to reduced inert-gas absorption.

Experience a whole new kind of diving. Bubble-less and silent, rebreathers can bring you even closer to marine life with the additional benefit of longer dive time. All it takes is that first step to try a rebreather today!


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Amazed by divers that do not exhale bubbles and got closer to marine life? Try a rebreather today, all it takes is that first step towards a totally new experience of diving.

Learn how rebreathers can bring your memories that you'll never forget through longer bottom times and close marine life interactions! CCR Diving is your ticket to a totally new experience.


Rebreathers or otherwise known as gas recyclers, are scuba apparatus that recycles your carbon dioxide in your exhalation into oxygen that can be re-used.

As divers, we only use a certain percentage of oxygen per breathe to allow us to function underwater - oxygen metabolisation. On an open circuit, the un-metabolised oxygen gets exhaled out as bubbles, otherwise known as gas wastage. On an rebreather, this un-metabolised oxygen get recycled in a breathing loop, allowing us to increase gas efficiency and extend our bottom times.

Simply put, a rebreather will allow you to recycle every breathe of  gas unused and allow you to stay longer underwater.

Try a Rebreather Today

Diving with a rebreather is an entirely new experience. Sign up for a try out session today where you will get a glimpse of the rebreather experience. Learn how to set-up, control your buoyancy and swim around in a rebreather.

All try out sessions will be held at:

Outram Secondary School Swimming Pool

3 York Hill,

Singapore 168622

What types of rebreather are there?

Rebreather have a class of scuba apparatus of their own. Rebreathers that makes use of a static oxygen pressure partial are known as Closed-Circuit Rebreathers (CCRs). Using a deco algorithm and electronics, the CCR provides a best-mix breathing gas to allow minimum inert-gas loading - loading no-decompression limits!

Another type of rebreather is a Semi-closed Circuit Rebreather (SCRs), which makes use of a static fraction of oxygen in the breathing gas which provides optimisation at the desired maximum gas.

Both types of rebreathers do recycle gas, the difference lies in the way gas is provided with respective to the diver. You can learn more about the interesting facts about rebreathers by taking our SSI CCR Diving course, your ticket to silent and bubble-less diving.

Become a

Rebreathers are Gas Recyclers - recycling your Carbon Dioxide into Oxygen - maximising your gas consumption, giving you longer bottom times to explore the vast oceans.

Become a Rebreather Diver today and experience a silent and bubble-less diving experience. Get closer to marine life without scaring them away.

The next generation of diving is here! Become a Rebreather Diver today!


Learning rebreather diving brings you back to your open water days where new equipment and skills are taught. To begin your journey in explore the vast unknowns of the oceans, SSI CCR Diving is your ticket to a lifetime of experiences and adventure without bubbles.

2 Theory Sessions

1 Pool Session

2 Weekend Trips

Theory Session

Our theory and knowledge component is broken into two parts:

  • Online independent study via SSI Online Learning
  • Theory class

Using existing materials developed my SSI, you can now learn at your own pace. Giving you the time and space to internalise concepts and through examples and section reviews.

After which, there will be 2 theory session where an instructor will go through additional queries, actual application concepts and provide value-added knowledge to get you ready for the remaining of your course components.

2 Session: Monday and Tuesday, 7pm – 10.30pm
Location: Gill Divers Shop, 37b Hongkong Street

Pool Session
Weekend Trip Session


Taking the CCR Diving Course will ensure that you acquire the foundational skills and diving experience needed to be able to do technical dives on a rebreather and explore the vast unknowns.

  • Immerse in an interactive training on the basic principles of scuba diving.
  • Acquire a full understanding and knowledge in exploring the Oceans.
  • Become an expert on foundational technical diving techniques and skills using a rebreather.
  • Master the basics of safe and precise technical rebreather diving.
  • Ability to do open water dives with a maximum depth of 30 meters.
  • Advantage of joining a community of technical divers worldwide.

After certification, you will be able to dive anywhere in the world with a buddy up to a depth of 30m.

Rebreather Diving Courses

Experience the real benefits rebreathers are able to offer

Rebreathers offer a totally new world of scuba diving - Knowledge, Skills, Equipment and Experience! Making use of a static PO2, rebreathers are able to provide a constant best mix during your dive, giving you tons of benefits - longer bottom times, reduced decompression obligations and more efficient off-gassing gradient, just to name a few.

Contact us, and hear what we have to say with regards to the Rebreather Unit of Choice, course options and training we can offer based on you goals and dreams!

We offer crossovers on rebreather units for trained rebreather users looking to equip themselves on more units.


The urge to go deeper and explore the vast ocean doesn't stop here. Extend your Range, Limits and Emotions with the other SSI XR Courses we have.

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